Today EXPORPACK is a leading company in the Central American region in the production and export of melons.  We export our melons to the United States, Canada and to over nine different countries in Europe.

Our team`s three main priorities are:

1.Top Quality Melons
2.Taking care of our client´s health
3.Environmental Responsibility and Social Development

EXPORPACK, a Costa Rican company, was founded in 1986 by Mr.Antonio Orlich and is 100% Costa Rican capital.  We are located in Sardinal de Carrillo, in the province of Guanacaste (Northwest-Pacific region of Costa Rica).  The name arises from the company’s initial objective: to produce, pack and export. 

EXPORPACK is dedicated to producing mainly melons (Cantaloupes, Charantais, Galia and Yellow Honey Dews), but also produces sugar cane, rice and corn. With each product, EXPORPACK maintains a long term vision of high quality and innovation.

EXPORPACK packing facility has the latest disinfection and classification technology, with a capacity of 550 metric tons/day.  Every year we process an approximate volume of 40.000 metric tons.

Our post-harvest treatment is chemical free.